Choco Coffee Box (June)

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Enjoy homegrown cacao and coffee every month!

We can’t think of a better pair! Our choco and coffee sets are back. We know everybody enjoys munching on bean-to-bar chocolatey goodness while sipping on a warm cup of coffee.

If you’re working from home or back at the office, we got your sweet cravings and caffeine fix covered. Our Choco Coffee sets are back and we will feature a new variety each month. Get yours now delivered straight to your home. 


WHY THEY ARE AWESOME: First concept store of its kind, they have been pioneers in their advocacy for environment, community and health. They want you to live a sustainable lifestyle by providing access to local, healthy and delicious choices from proudly Filipino producers.


WHY THEY ARE AWESOME: "Fearlessly Filipino," they introduced to us pure, Philippine-origin bean-to-bar chocolate awesomeness! Theo & Philo translates to “chocolate and love” - what's not to love about chocolate right? They have also waved the Filipino flag proudly with global recognition in bringing our country's heritage and tradition through every bite.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Your Choco Coffee Box will include a variety of 3 bars of delectably delicious chocolate bars and 3 bags of coffee beans (liberica, robusta and arabica at 120g each). 

WHEN TO CONFIRM: Orders will be accepted until the 3rd Friday of each month (by JUNE 19). Shipments will be scheduled on the last week of the month -- starting JUNE 22.