#FoodHero Crowdfunding Project

Collabox is a platform for collaboration with a mission to connect people and organizations to sustainable brands and social enterprises.
When Collabox started as a passion project, it was also a fundraising effort to support a local children’s center in Cebu. Up to now, our advocacy for #ZeroHunger is at the heart of why we do what we do. From including locally produced goods in our gift boxes to promoting healthy bundles, we encourage our community to #supportlocal and #stayhealthy. We have hosted several learning sessions to highlight the importance of sustainable agriculture and good nutrition for all. 
As we celebrate World Food Day this year, #FoodHeroes for #ZeroHunger aims to raise awareness on SDG 2. Together, let us support local farmers, stay healthy and thank our frontline heroes along the way. This crowdfunding project is a rewards and donation-based effort to bring #FoodHeroes Fruit Baskets to your home and to partner hospitals. More specifically, our target is to send out at least 20 fruit baskets to hospitals including (Metro Manila) Philippine General Hospital, Perpetual Help Medical Center, (Metro Cebu) Cebu City Medical Center and St. Vincent General Hospital. Together with our friends at MAD Market and SEED4COM, we are supporting local farmers by creating special baskets with local fruits. We can all be #FoodHeroes by promoting sustainable food production and eating healthy, nutritious meals. We also want to support our frontline heroes who also need to stay healthy especially during this time. 
Eating Healthy Matters - Our actions are our future. We all have a role to play, from increasing the overall demand for nutritious food by choosing healthy, to not letting sustainable habits fall by the wayside, despite these uncertain times. We need #FoodHeroes like you to help us in this mission. You can choose how to be a #FoodHero and support our campaign now.

Our Mission

In celebration of World Food Day and to raise awareness on SDG 2: Zero Hunger, this project encourages everyone to be #FoodHeroes! We offer a few steps you can take to join this movement.
#FoodHeroes Fruit Basket
Choose healthy, local and seasonal food to promote good nutrition.
Say thank you to our #FoodHero producers -
support Filipino farmers and #buylocal.
Give a healthy gift to our frontliners for their dedication and hard work.



With your pledge of Php 2,500 or more, Superheroes will receive:

#FoodHeroes Fruit Basket 

Subscription to Collabox - #StayHealthy Mystery Box 

Superheroes Thank You Card from Collabox

Name listed on all #FoodHeroes Fruit Baskets delivered to frontliners

Hero for Heroes

With your pledge of Php 1000 or more, Hero for Heroes will receive:

Two (2) #FoodHeroes Fruit Basket (for you and  for frontliners)

Hero for Heroes Thank You Card from Collabox

Name listed on matched #FoodHeroes Fruit Basket delivered to frontliners


With your pledge of Php 500 or more, #FoodHeroes will receive:

#FoodHeroes Fruit Basket for you

FoodHeroes Thank You Card from Collabox

#FoodHero SideKick

With your pledge of Php 300 or more, #FoodHero SideKicks will receive:

FoodHeroes Digital Thank You Card from Collabox

Donation to #FoodHeroes Fruit Baskets delivered to frontliners

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If you want to make an early pledge as a #FoodHero, contact us at hellocollabox@gmail.com