Solidarity Spreads Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

How do we continue to show appreciation to your loved ones while we're physically apart? In the past months especially during the holidays, we were challenged to spend celebrations away from the people we care forlarge gatherings and reunions had to be postponed. However, the distance couldn’t restrain the spirit of our tight-knit families. If the lockdown spent indoors has uncovered something about us, it's that we always find a way to be creative in showing our love and gratitude. We proved that solidarity and generosity stand out even when placed under restrictions.

Staying safe is our top priority but sustaining our relationships remain essential, be it with family, friends and our community at large. Remarkably, we have shown that this love and solidarity go beyond our bloodline. The unkind circumstances last year, made more extreme by natural disasters, moved people to lead donation drives and relief efforts. Companies, organizations, and individuals came together to help those in need. Even when the aid goes to strangers, our hearts are driven to extend our support.


(In December, our donative drive, Give From Home raised funds to support families affected by the typhoons and provide solar lamps [in photo: community partners of Risque Designs in Marikina] and water filters.)

We entered 2021 mostly still under quarantine measures. While remote work and going digital has become the new normal, the reality is still the same for our healthcare workers serving in the frontlines. How do we express our gratitude for their tireless and brave efforts? 

To spread solidarity and thank our frontliners, Collabox's ongoing initiative Paglaum ('hope') sends surprise gifts with some snacks, coffee and chocolates to different hospitals. You too can help us in supporting more local enterprises while cheering on our local heroes. We collaborate with individual donors and organizations who are willing to give back. An act of kindness, no matter how small, goes a long way if we continue to pay it forward.