Restoring Our Earth With and For The Youth

Today is April 22 and we are celebrating Earth Day.

Our team at CollaboX believes in the spirit of collaboration in order to have dynamic and diverse actions; and ultimately, a stronger impact. This year we put the spotlight on young people. The youth have always kept themselves informed, raised their voice and remain proactive in finding solutions for different challenges. This Earth Day, we are engaging with them to learn the actions they pledge to take for the planet and its restoration.

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restoring Our Earth. You can find different events at celebrating the worldwide movement. They are highlighting topics to educate children, the youth, and teachers on how they can make an impact. This involves environmental justice, pollution, and climate education. Looking at our own community of ecowarriors in the Philippines, we have seen the great impact the youth is creating from the local level. 

OXFAM Pilipinas is hosting an online discussion with community and national youth organizations to talk about their initiatives across the country. Through telling their stories about youth-led projects, they hope to motivate more youth to act on our climate and environment. You can check out their Facebook for their series of online discussions to make everyday Earth Day -


SEED4COM, a proud CollaboX partner, has tapped its youth-driven volunteer network to celebrate and amplify the efforts to protect our environment. Along with other organizations that share this advocacy, they are hosting learning activities from the Master’s Farm in Cebu. SEED4COM continuously proves that our small steps to act local can contribute to a global movement.


We also kicked off our collaboration with our friends at the Online SDG Youth Action Forum (OSYAF) to hear the youth’s voices and learn about their own initiatives contributing to the UN SDGs. We discovered the amazing projects of young people from all over the country through our online giveaway. The winner is Jhiro Cruzat from Zamboanga and in his response to our question “Which SDG matters to you the most and what actions are you doing to contribute to your favorite SDG?” he shared the 13 contributions he has made for SDG 13: Climate Action.


Through different platforms and partnerships, we are able to find numerous organizations and individuals who are leading the change. From the local to the global efforts, we see the common thread in our commitment to preserving and restoring the natural world. Whether you are also a young person or young at heart, may you be inspired to become a part of the solution and look for ways to actively contribute to movements this Earth Day and everyday.