How Kindness and Compassion Help in Social Isolation

The world needs kindness and compassion now more than ever. As we enter into the 7th month of quarantine, the number of COVID-19 cases keeps rising. We are now close to 40M worldwide. The numbers weigh even heavier when it is a friend’s dad, someone’s sister, a family relative, and a colleague. The race for a vaccine does not feel fast enough as each day waiting seems to be longer. And as we wait for the experts to give us good news, the whole world tries to adapt and figure out how to best live through this incredibly challenging period in human history.

We are all still learning how to cope with this as we see our lives transform in all areas. By now, we have all stayed home long enough and brought work, school, leisure, and hobbies into our personal spaces. Whether we are shopping for everything online or spending hours on WFH video calls or homeschooling the kids, our daily lives have been disrupted and reshaped.

Yes, it has been a welcome opportunity to also spend more time at home for family bonding and learning new skills. But are these opportunities that we are focusing on right now? Are we having enough conversations inside our homes? Are we asking the right questions at the dining table? 'How you doin’?' may seem as silly as the cliche line by Joey in FRIENDS but it might just be the perfect question to ask during these trying times. Belonging and social connection are fundamental human needs. Taking away these needs - It poses a problem for our mental well-being. The growing stress of catching the virus, losing your job, and teaching your kids at home while working from home - these can all take its toll on our mental health. This is why we all need kindness and compassion.


We all have a role to play!

Our team at CollaboX is not excused from this; we have friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues who either caught the virus or are struggling in a new normal lifestyle. All of us need these conversations to happen in our lives as well. We want change to happen, but we can only inspire change first. This year's World Mental Health Day is very relevant. Not just for us but for brands like Headspace - who is running the "Be Kind to Your Mind" pledge. It encourages the prioritization of mental health care that extends beyond the annual campaign. We join with over 600 organizations to pledge to support mental health. It starts with us - and we want you to be part of it. Whether it is a company’s commitment to its employees or your own investment on your personal well-being, it is worth the time, energy, and resources to do so.

There is still a stigma surrounding mental health in the Philippines with limited access to mental health care. But a growing number of local organizations have built communities and support mechanisms to combat this. Groups such as Mental Health PH, Healing Minds PH, Mind Care Club, and Mental Health Matters, to name a few are providing online therapy consultations, peer groups, information, resources, and tools. More and more people are paying attention to this vital aspect of life as we all face the multitude of pressures put upon us. We struggle in different ways and degrees with challenges in identity, overall health, career, and relationships. It is beneficial for us to be open about these challenges, to seek help when we need to as well as to provide support to one another.


Moving forward with collaboration.

This year has definitely taught us to be more mindful about our health, our relationships, and our environment. In the last few months, our team at CollaboX has put emphasis on self-care and meaningful gifting while we continue to support local enterprises. This is a season where compassion is a game-changer. It is something that all of us need to share and experience in big and small ways. Compassion should not have a price tag, but it's the most valuable gift that we can offer to others. We are looking for opportunities to share countless ways of sharing this compassion. We have ideas, but we want to hear yours. Who knows, this small conversation can lead to more people experiencing compassion and kindness. Let's work together - Happy World Mental Health Day!