Filipina Goal-Getters for Social Change

Preserving the environment, uplifting our culture, showcasing our flavors, and enriching our mental healththese are stories of Filipinas who hustle for a progressive tomorrow. These modern women proudly wave our flag in the local and international scene. CollaboX, a proud partner of these social enterprises, supports these Filipina goal-getters for social change. Their mission to provide livelihood, sustain the environment, proudly highlight our culture, and help us determine our purpose, are defining elements that fuels our connection.  Get inspired this Women’s Month by learning about these amazing social entrepreneurs.

Ann and Billie “Conservation Starters” of Masungi Georeserve


(Photo by Nikki Inso)

Ann and Billie Dumaling were featured in Vanity Fair’s Changing your Mind Travel Awards 2021. They were called “Conservation Starters” by the magazine. Masungi Georeserve is a geopark that is home to hundreds of native wildlife species. They offer trail experiences for everyone to experience the beauty of our landscapes. Masungi Georeserve is focused towards sustainable tourism, engaging their rangers, and restoration efforts. The 430-hectare rainforest in Rizal was also included in the 2020 Traveller’s Choice Awards by TripAdvisor.

Anya “Princess Ant” of ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

(Photo by Rae Padin)

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery is a social enterprise that provides community development while producing sustainable and fashionable pieces. ANTHILL was no exception to the businesses hit by the pandemic, but to sustain their business and the livelihood of their partner artisans, the Cebu-based enterprise shifted to a work from home arrangement for their weavers. The growing number of proud weave wearers is proof that traditional weaves still have a place in the fashion industry today. Anya Lim, also known as “Princess Ant”, was an awardee in the 2019 YMMA Awards for Entrepreneurial Marketing. ANTHILL’s social and cultural impact also gained international recognition and they were awarded the APEC 2016 Business Efficiency and Success Target (BEST) Award.


Dalareich “Chocolate Princess of Bohol” of Dalareich Chocolate House

(Photo from Dalareich Chocolate House)

Known as the “Chocolate Princess of Bohol”, Dalareich Polot carries the Philippine flag on the world stage of chocolate. Their chocolate house showcases flavorful bean-to-bar goodies from Bohol to the international scale. In 2019, Dalareich Chocolate House received the Gold Award in the prestigious London-based Academy of Chocolate Awards and APEC 2019 Business Efficiency and Success Target (BEST) Award. More than making delicious chocolates through her enterprise, Dalareich has been a pioneer in protecting and sustaining the local cacao industry through providing livelihood and training for the community of farmers she works with.  

Gisa Paredes of Healing Minds PH and My Soul Brief-Case

Gisa is a licensed psychologist whose mission is to create a more resilient Philippines. She continuously does that through her advocacy and efforts on Mental Health and Wellness. During her talk with Ms. Myrza Sison, she shares a three-step process to help us own our power. This, of course, is achieved with the right mindset and tools. Gisa is the mind behind My Soul Brief-Casea card deck that helps people unravel their inner journey and a tool that allows them to re-align with their purpose. Gisa is also the Chief Operating Officer of WellAtSea and the Founder of Healing Minds PH.

(Photo from Ms. Paredes)

You, too can be a changemaker in your community— just like these women who gathered recognition for their efforts. To promote change, we must all contribute to causes that matter, and uplift local enterprises that do business with purpose. Especially for entrepreneurs, you have the ability to include meaningful work in your business. We encourage you to promote local products, provide opportunities to marginalized communities, and also be a Filipina goal-getter for social change. Take inspiration from women who are shaping the world through their leadership and support the campaigns for equality and women women empowerment - lear more here: