#ExpressYourLove From Home

During the twelve months since quarantine rules were imposed, the most heartwarming thing I have ever experienced is when friends and family send food over. From snacks to scrumptious dinners, it is simple, done with a few clicks in an app, but thoughtful. One that I’m thankful to have received. In a time when people across the globe feel isolated and disconnected, these acts of love, even the smallest of them, become an essential and create a rippled effect that further spreads much-needed love and happiness.



We’ve collated these simple ways to #ExpressYourLove, not only to loved ones but towards the community, the environment, and the planet, so each of us can make a difference and be part of that ripple effect the world needs. 

“Kumusta ka?”

It’s not just you. People across the globe have increasingly felt more lonely, being away from support groups and outdoor hobbies to unwind to. It has been almost twelve months now but who is to say if we have finally adjusted to the new normal? This is why reaching out to our friends, family, and acquaintances becomes an even more thoughtful act. A simple “kumusta?” reminds them of our presence and paves the way for an even deeper and meaningful conversation.

Recreate a favorite restaurant dish at home

Food warms the heart and body and during this period when dining out is limited, why not recreate the family’s restaurant dishes at home? Cooking and dining together is a great bonding activity and a very meaningful act of love, especially towards parents.

Be a plantito/plantita

Adopt a plant and help make the world greener. Connect yourself with nature and find purpose in nurturing seedlings and seeing them grow through your help. Whether it be indoor or outdoor plants, this activity creates more appreciation for growing beings and helps us love and protect nature.

Support a local business

Did a friend or someone in your community recently open a business? Like their social media pages, try out their products, give helpful reviews, and connect them with more customers. More than patronizing local products and stimulating the economy, supporting them in an otherwise difficult time for business owners, is a simple but thoughtful act.


Be an advocate

We all have certain causes and issues we feel strongly about and there are different ways to lend your voice or contribute to campaigns. From online movements happening around the world to local fundraisers, you and your friends can also participate or perhaps volunteer to lead. Doing good also makes you feel good.  

Small is beautiful--starting small, taking small steps, doing small acts of kindness, love and support all count. These efforts to express love towards yourself, other people, our community, and our planet, and together, create a big difference.


Contributed by Moira Manuel