Christmas in Quarantine

What will Christmas in Quarantine look like?

Seven days left before Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year. But there will be some differences this 2020 though. As Covid-19 cases are still on the rise and countries are shifting to the new normal, celebrations will not be the same as before.

But us, humans, generally adapt to our environment, thankfully. There will still be ways to celebrate and keep the Christmas spirit. A lot of old Christmas traditions will remain but we also look forward to discovering new ones this year.

A New Playlist 

Even with the pandemic, international artists have blessed us Christmas songs to add to our Christmas playlist. “The secret is to sing a little song to survive,” from Carly Rae Jepsen’s “It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries” are lyrics we all relate to this year. Jonas Brothers also released the song “I Need You Christmas” last month. You will agree with us when we say this has been our mantra ever since the ber-months started. People have been clinging to the hope of ending this year with something good and on a positive note.

Usually as early as September, parols and beautiful lights adorn the streets. But now with the restrictions, most people stay inside the house. They are getting more creative with their decorations at home. That’s a good thing! Some are even finding ways to have a Sustainable and Zero Waste Christmas.

Online Christmas Shopping as the new normal

Malls and bazaars are usually the go-to places for your shopping list. This may pose difficulties with all the possible crowds and restrictions during quarantine. So that leaves people with online shopping. People will have to watch out for more texts and calls from the hardworking riders.

But a new concept on gifts has been on the rise during the pandemic. There is a new preference to giving or receiving more thoughtful, unique and something memorable as a gift this season. The situation we are currently in might have been an eye-opener for some to not take things for granted.

Holiday festivities might need more novel ideas 

Flights getting cancelled and plans changing sucks right now. It’s the sacrifices we have to make to keep our loved ones safe. For some, this might mean having to postpone trips they have planned since last year. For others, this means not being able to come home to their families who they have not seen for a long time. But what we want to tell you is that you don’t have to spend Christmas alone. With the help of technology, video calls are the best way to catch up with family and friends during quarantine. Online kwentuhan or game nights have been a thing and the famous Noche Buena might have a facelift soon as well.

Yes, we begin to accept that things will be different this year but Christmas does not have to lose the heart of gift-giving, love and happiness. This year, we even encourage people - who can and are willing - to go the extra mile. Express gratitude to the frontliners as thanks for their service or provide for people affected by the pandemic and recent typhoons. We encourage you to reach out to people beyond your families, relatives and friends. After all, the Christmas spirit is a shared celebration that goes beyond traditions. Let us know how we can help make your Christmas a little bit better.